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Oil derrick

Energy Data and Analysis

Comprehensive solutions for Oil & Gas data management


Targeted business solutions across different spectrum of Geospatial world right from Digitization to Host it into WebGIS


Synthesizing domain and Geospatial technologies to achieve client's need to the precise with business value

Modelling and analysis

A central place to download all opensource data for exploration GIS. Ready to deploy industry and domain specific data that require minimal authentication


Informed decision makers

Multi platform experts across proprietary to opensource

Always deliver beyond expectation

Across domain experts from Exploration GIS to transcription

The learners - no time bound

For any solutions - our approach is "ideas synchronized on need"

Quality and Values 

Enhancing the products created for all stakeholders.

Endeavor the continuous improvements on services and business models.

Foster to maintain the organization culture to be fair, challenging and rewarding.

Our philosophy is ; "Result driven is good; but excellence towards product is always best!"

Integrity, Respect and Appreciate the innovation


client USLandGrid
For several years we have used Dexsini for location intelligence, mapping solutions and GIS data processing. They consistently provide high quality work with high level understanding and patience. The communication is excellent. We have no hesitation in recommending their services. It has been and is a pleasure working with Dexsini. We hope to continue the relationship for years to come

Anthony Ford, Co- founder


Work smart,  efficient to co- ordinate,  guide,  implement and maintenance of GIS technology for the betterment of tomorrow's world.

About Us..

Dexsini is a startup GIS Consultancy firm founded in February 2018 (formerly as Niruvanam), providing geospatial technology solutions, modelling and analytic services to clients such as land, exploration, utilities, navigation and location, natural resources, agriculture and land information system.

Our core competency lies in providing solutions across the entire geospatial arena from data enhancements including all geospatial data conversions, to modelling, analytics and consulting. We provide Cutting edge GIS solutions in Exploration-GIS industry, support to exploration programs consisting historical data compilations with geological, geochemical, drill hole, tenement and geophysical map vectorization, data transcription, and translation

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